We’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of bands from around the world at our Deep Blues Festivals. Every year, we’ve struggled with not being able to include everyone that has wanted to join us. For 2014, we started something new. Our fest moved Clarksdale MS and we invited all bands that want to play.   We were very pleased with the quality and number of bands and venues that were involved.  We’ll do this again in 2015.  You need to find your own venue or place to busk. We’ll promote any and all musicians that can give us a location and set time. We’ll hope that musicians and fans will all help promote this event and help spread the word. Please forward this page and share our facebook posts to musicians and fans.

I will be hosting late night events Thursday Oct 15 through Sunday Oct 18 at the Juke Joint Chapel at the Shack Up Inn, 11pm to 2am three bands each night.  We’ve also added a special “happy hour” set each evening at 5pm.   I’ve already got these bands selected, so no need to contact me requesting one of these slots. You’ll have to do your homework to find a place to play and negotiate your own deal. If you’ve been to Clarksdale for one of the Juke Joint Festivals or other events, you know there are many places to perform. We’ll be posting some venue information on our facebook page and this website to help you out.

All bands that make this trip will be included in all of the Deep Blues Festival “marketing/publicity”, but that it is their responsibility to set-up, help promote, and work out all the details with the individual clubs in Clarksdale specific to their show(s).

We’ve been asking for benefactors to help fund the festival $100 donations.   These donations help keep the ticket prices low and make this event happen.  Benefactors receive a few additional perks, such as the ability to attend the special pre-festival “benefactor’s ball” in Holly Springs on Weds Oct 14th.

As with all of the Deep Blues Festivals, we anticipate fans and bands to join us from all over the world. Hope you’ll think about joining us too.

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