In 2007, we created the Deep Blues Festival to celebrate the outsider and alternative blues and blues influenced music that we felt deserved more attention.   We’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of bands from around the world.  Fans have also traveled from across the country and from around the world to support and join us.

This event started near the twin cities with a one day event showcasing 18 bands.   Every year, the event has evolved, and in 2014 the festival moved south to Clarksdale MS.   We expect the 2016 events in Clarksdale to be another success.

These festivals have inspired several folks to hold their own deep blues events all around the world.  Watch for upcoming shows in Germany, the NorthWest, and wherever these bands and this type of music is being performed.

I’m no longer the driving force behind this event, but it’s never been about me.  The musicians, the fans, venues and promoters will continue to support this great music.

All the best,

Deep Blues Festival