If you can’t get aboard the Deep Blues train for the whole weekend, take a look at the nightly schedules and check when your favourite artists are playing. Or, let us lead you into unknown territory with some hot new acts! Any which way you choose, you can get your nightly tickets in our shop here. Click and purchase, and then check in with the door person at the show (either at the New Roxy or Shack Up Inn) to collect your wristband. After that, sit back, relax, and get ready for an earful of real, deep, blues. See y’all in October!


You heard right! The Seratones are coming to Clarksdale. This smoking gun of a band hails from Shreveport, LA, but has doing some hard road miles touring in support of their debut album Get Gone. Singer, AJ Haynes, sings ferociously, buzzing with electricity and power. The band is a testament to southern musicality, but their roots spread further afield with garage tendencies and bottomless soul. Are you unfamiliar?  Well get out from under your rock and catch them at Deep Blues Festival in Clarksdale, MS this October! And to amp up your morning, here’s a teaser video. Catch all the latest Seratones happenings on their Facebook page here. Take that energy with you today, and put it into everything you do.

But first! Before you do anything else, head to our shop and get your weekend pass.  You do not want to miss this year’s finely crafted festival! Tell your boss you’ve got bigger deals to broker – at the crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi, from October 12-15th.

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We already told you about Nikki Hill and The Yawpers, but now we have more exciting news: Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires from Birmingham, AL, plus Mark “Porkchop” Holder from Chattanooga, TN, are joining us in Clarksdale, MS, for Deep Blues Festival 2017 -and so should you! This October is revving its engine, can you hear it? Our lineup is tight, but fixing to cut loose over the weekend of October 12-15th. Night after night of high-energy, gutted and rutted, heavy blues for your listening pleasure. This isn’t foot-tapping, golf-clapping, blues.  This is fist-pumping, hell-raising good times.

We are still appealing to you for benefactors contributions

We rely on your support to pull this festival together, and we appreciate your votes of confidence in our deep blues (via your deep pockets). Being a benefactor has it’s perks: you get dibs on booking accommodation at the Shack Up Inn, plus you get exclusive access to the Benefactor’s Ball, which is our way to say thank you for pitching your support towards our efforts. Head to our shop page to get your benefactor’s pass.

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Tickets are just $75 for the weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, plus Sunday afternoon) and gives you access to all shows at the New Roxy and the Shack Up Inn. There is plenty of free daytime music as well, so you’ll get an earful all weekend long. Come on down for a weekend in Clarksdale and devour some real, deep blues.


The Yawpers are coming, The Yawpers are coming! …to Deep Blues Festival 2017. Come to Clarksdale, Mississippi this October (12-15) to see this electrifying, push-me-pull-you ride of a show!!  The Denver trio is bringing it’s potent live show to the stage, joining the DBF family.  Their third album has just been announced, so fill yer ears with some Yawpers and read all about their Bloodshot Records release in our news section.  You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to see this talent unleashed and let loose in Clarksdale!

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DBF HQ is buzzing with excitement over this announcement! We are wildly fired up with the news that Nikki Hill will be appearing right here in Clarksdale, Mississippi this October for Deep Blues Festival.  Hill is a North Carolina-bred, New Orleans-based punk-loving, soul-shredding, blues-having, rocking and rolling woman with gut, grit, ferocity, and passion.  Praise for Nikki Hill elicits references ranging from Etta James, Chuck Berry, and Tina Turner to The Cramps and AC/DC.  Curious, intrigued, and excited to be enthralled?  We are!

Don’t forget to buy your Deep Blues Festival weekend passes online in our shop here. Make your fall plans now, and come for a weekend in Clarksdale, Mississippi for some real, deep blues!  You don’t want to miss a weekend full of heavy, alternative blues in the heart of it all – at the Crossroads.  Make your deals with whoever you gotta, and come on down to Clarksdale!


That’s right… pack yer shovel, we’re going deep.  OCTOBER 2017!

Here is the next round of artist announcements for Deep Blues Festival 2017!  The jigsaw puzzle is coming together and is looking pretty damn good if you ask us.  We have the young-and-hungry, we have *ahem* mature-and-venerated. Check out our band page for the full list of artists.  Weekend passes go on sale APRIL 1, 2017 so mark your calendars and get you one! Just $75 for the weekend, which gives you entry to the shows at the Shack Up Inn and the New Roxy theater. Don’t forget that there is plenty of free daytime music around town as well, so it’s wall-to-wall music for days.  Experience Clarksdale through a deep blue lens.  Make your deal with whatever devil you have to for time to come to the delta and soak up the music, culture, and history of the region!

Be a benefactor and help get this festival rolling… $100 minimum donation to the festival gets you first dibs at booking accommodation at the Shack Up Inn, and exclusive access to the Benefactors’ Ball.  Make your donation here.

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Here’s a little background on the festival if you aren’t familiar…

In 2007, Chris Johnson created the Deep Blues Festival to celebrate the outsider and alternative blues and blues influenced music that he felt deserved more attention. He established connections with hundreds of bands from around the world while making a name for the Deep Blues Festival on the international circuit.  Fans have travelled from across the country and from around the world to support and attend the festival.

This event started near the twin cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) with a 1-day event showcasing 18 bands.  Every year, the event has evolved, and in 2014 the festival moved south to Clarksdale MS. That is where we come in!! The reins have been handed, the crown bestowed…and we are honoured to carry the torch of Chris Johnson’s vision & festivities.

Chris says: “I’m no longer the driving force behind this event, but it’s never been about me.  The musicians, the fans, venues and promoters will continue to support this great music.” We argue that it is about Chris Johnson, or the passion and dedication that he gave tirelessly (until he got tired), and we are bringing that momentum into the coming festival.

Benefactor tickets are on sale now! Check out the perks of being supporting this festival (first chance at purchasing tickets, booking shacks, and access to the special Benefactor’s Ball show!) – on top of earning our infinite appreciation.

We look forward to seeing y’all in October 2017 in Clarksdale, MS…


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