Solutions for all your resolutions: come to Deep Blues Festival in October 2017!

Benefactor’s passes are on available now in our shop, and we are grateful for your contribution to get this year’s festival planning underway!  Your donation to the festival helps us secure entertainment and ensures that we create the best fest we can.  Apart from holding our undying appreciation, being a benefactor has other perks!

  1. First dibs on booking accommodation at the Shack Up Inn, which is one of the primary venues for Deep Blues Festival.  
  2. First dibs on purchasing weekend passes for the Deep Blues weekend.  
  3. Exclusive access to the Benefactors’ Ball.  The location is to be announced, but rest assured, we’re cooking up good plans to ensure that we show you a good time!

The 2017 festival will be held October 12-15 at the Shack Up Inn and the New Roxy in downtown Clarksdale.  If you have attended this festival before, you know these venues are unlike anything you have seen elsewhere, and their character adds electric energy to the driving rhythms of our musical acts.  The music truly takes another form when played in venues steeped in history.  If you have never been to the delta, and are seeking an unforgettable experience for 2017 – take the leap, treat yourself, and come on down to the crossroads for Deep Blues Festival!

While your weekend passes get you into the two main venues, there is plenty of music happening all around town over the course of the weekend.  Street busking stages, juke joints, galleries, and restaurants will have music day and night to keep you thoroughly entertained, and involved with the town of Clarksdale.  You will see international acts that have laid down some miles to get here, you will meet local characters who welcome you with true Southern charm to our fair city.

You, dear benefactors, are truly an essential part of this festival and this community – please pitch in and let us entertain you!

Stay tuned here on our website, and to our Facebook page, for information as we release it.  We will announce bands, give you travel tips and information about the area – all you gotta do now is jump aboard!