We are very excited to announce the following artists for Deep Blues Festival 2017 in Clarksdale, MS: Leo “Bud” Welch, RL Boyce, Dex Romweber, Jimbo Mathus, and Kenny Brown.  A killer lineup already, but we are doling it out to you bit by bit.  Didn’t your mom tell you not to eat all your Halloween candy at once?  Wise words.  So we’ll let you savor this for awhile.

In the meantime, we’ll give you the low-down on each artist over the coming weeks so you’ll be well acquainted when you arrive at Deep Blues Festival in Clarksdale.  Two intimate venues showcase the artists on this poster and the announcements to come, plus there will be music on participating stages, juke joints, and street corners.  Music for days, so you better dig in deep!

First step: be a benefactor! Your contribution helps bring this whole shebang together.  Bringing artists to rural Mississippi is no small feat, and we appreciate your support in securing the acts we all want to see, and make sure they get the southern hospitality they deserve.  The benefactors have been instrumental in making this festival possible since its inception way up in Minnesota, and y’all are an integral part of what makes this event like none other in the world. The perks for you, dear benefactor, are 1) first dibs at booking accommodation at the Shack Up Inn, and 2) exclusive access to the Benefactors’ Ball – entertainment to show you how much we appreciate your support.

Step 2: Weekend passes will be on sale in the shop as of April 1st, 2017, git ’em! The cost of the weekend ticket is $75 and that gets you into all the shows at the Shack Up Inn and the New Roxy.  *Note that other jukes may have a separate cover charge.  **Also note that there is plenty of free daytime music in downtown Clarksdale, and out at Shacksdale, so you’ll be thoroughly entertained all weekend long.

Step 3: Book your accommodation in Clarksdale!  We have plenty of places to stay around town, but the ones downtown (and of course, the Shack Up Inn) fill up pretty quickly.  Here are a few downtown accommodation options, with easy walking distance to the New Roxy theater:

Beyond those 3 easy steps, we can only suggest you have a great weekend! Visit the Delta Blues Museum and the Rock and Blues Museum, sample the fine (of not refined) southern fare of our BBQ and hot tamale joints, and peruse our local art galleries.  The downtown area of Clarksdale, MS, is small and very navigable on foot.  It’s just a short 3 mile drive out to the Shack Up Inn, so you won’t miss a thing.  Whether you are a loyal Deep Blues participant and you are returning for more, or you are a newcomer to the festival and the city of Clarksdale – you’re sure to feel like you’re part of the fabric of the community after a weekend here.

Take care of step one here to become a benefactor!

See y’all in October…