BENEFACTOR #1 is in!!! The one and only, Chris Johnson.  Don’t you wanna party with him?  The venerable, esteemed,  all-around good guy, and founder of the Deep Blues Festival was the first to jump on board with DBF 2016.  This year he’s kicking back, and kicking up his heels as a festival-goer.

#1 Benefactor !!!

Deep Blues Festival is now being organized from its new southern home base in Clarksdale, MS, with 2 official venues: The Shack Up Inn & the New Roxy Theater.  If you haven’t checked out these venues yet – well, you’ve never seen anything like ’em.

Be a benefactor for the 2016 Deep Blues Festival!! Your support helps bring this festival together; securing bands, paying for travel & accommodations etc.  We couldn’t do it without you and we appreciate each and every contribution!  To show you our appreciation, we offer benefactors:

  • First dibs on weekend passes (Available for purchase to benefactors March 15, 2016)

Keep in mind that both the Juke Joint Chapel at the Shack Up Inn & The New Roxy have limited capacity, so save yourself a place by becoming a benefactor! 

  • First dibs on booking accommodation at the Shack Up Inn (shacks will be first-come/first serve for benefactors, starting April 1, 2016)
  • Exclusive access to the Benefactor’s Ball!  This is a show for benefactors only.

The minimum contribution is $100 and are on sale now through the New Roxy’s online shop

Q&A time:

  1. When do weekend passes go on sale for benefactors? Glad you asked…it’s March 15th, 2016.
  2. When do tickets for NON-benefactors go on sale? May 1st, 2016…if there are any left.  So be a benefactor.
  3. Who the hell is playing this festival??? Well hold yer horses there…i’ll tell you what.  How about I start you off with this:

CEDRIC BURNSIDE PROJECT (from the Mississippi hills to the Grammys…)

JAMES LEG (Black Diamond Heavies, Immortal Lee County Killers…)

ALL-SEEING EYES (with Johnny Walker of the Soledad Brothers…)

Bands looking to play: If you are already planning to be in…the country…the region…the neighborhood? and are interested in playing the Deep Blues Festival in 2016, email us at  Also, in keeping with the DBF traditions of years past: even if our roster is full, you can book yourself gigs in venues around Clarksdale over the dates of Deep Blues and we will help to promote you alongside the acts at the official venues. There will also be plenty of busking spots around town…


MORE Q&A time…but yer in the hot-seat:

Who are you itchin’ to see at DBF?  Give us your feedback on who, if you had a vote, you’re dying to see in the Juke Joint Chapel at the Shacks, or on the big stage at the New Roxy.


BRING ON OCTOBER! (Seriously, can we skip mosquito season in the delta and just bring on DEEP BLUES 2016!?!)