PPJ guitar

Possessed by Paul James is originally from Florida, and was born into a Mennonite family. He gives credit to his parents for instilling the value of service to others that is evidenced in his teaching of students with special needs and when Konrad Wert morphs into the performer Possessed by Paul James, the medium may change, but the desire to make a difference in people’s lives doesn’t. When Possessed by Paul James performs, his passion equals the passion he brings to his class Monday through Friday, with many witnesses to the Possessed By Paul James show referring to it as more of a life-altering experience than a simple one-man music show.

“If I were to make a list of the 20 most important singer/songwriters of our time, Konrad Wert/Possessed by Paul James, would undoubtedly be among those at the very top.” – No Depression


We are so excited for this dynamo to hit Clarksdale!  A little more about the man behind the name Possessed by Paul James: Konrad Wert travels with his family, meeting with educators, policy-makers, and parents to discuss the current state, and the unique needs, of special education in this country.  You can read more of the family’s travels, trials, tribulations and triumphs on their blog here.  There is a documentary on this journey brewing, and you can read more about the making of it here!

Lest we forget what we’re gathering to Clarksdale for…the music!  By night this energetic and passionate troubadour, his performance has been described as:

“Playing To The Rafters, Singing Like A Man Possessed”

– Interview and Performance on NPR Weekend Edition

Possessed By Paul James’ intensity and genre-crossing is what drew the Deep Blues Festival to invite this artist to DBF 2016.  He has been described as a “musical cyclone”, with the sparks of “stripped wires”.  Well, here in the delta we are no strangers to forces of nature and how they can be harnessed for musical energy…

…Join us in riding out the storm that is Deep Blues Festival 2016.

Weekend passes available for purchase online here here.