Dirty Deep Prioritaire

“Jerky like whiplash, dirty as grease and hot as the desert, « Dirty Deep » will mark you like a red-hot iron  Now, as a trio, they’re driving France wild with their modern juke-joint blues, which is faithful to tradition yet grungy; The effect is something between dance and shock-therapy.”


One of the ideas behind Deep Blues Festival is to bring the world of blues to you, the festival-goer, but also to showcase our home of delta blues to the world.  Dirty Deep will be traveling overseas from Strasbourg, France, bringing their brand of blues to the doorstep as offering.  We are wound and ready to see their grit and charm come to life on the stages of Clarksdale, Mississippi!

Help us give them a warm Southern Hospitality welcome by checking out their music here and getting familiar with all of our newfound friends before their arrival. Be warned: Choose carefully where you listen – you just may be compelled to get up and rock out.

And in case you’re in a romantic (language) mood and you feel like treating yourself nice, pour a glass of wine and read their bio in French:

“Cinglants comme un coup de fouet, crasseux comme le cambouis, brûlants comme le désert, prépare-toi à être marqué au fer rouge Dirty Deep. C’est maintenant à trois qu’ils s’y mettent, pour faire couiner en France ce blues de junk-joint des temps modernes, à la fois fidèle à la tradition et très grungy, fait pour la danse et l’électrochoc.”

Vive le Festival Deep Blues!

If you’re still reading this…pssssst, we have exciting news coming down the pipe – STAY TUNED for our final artist announcements!!  You may as well just go ahead and grab your weekend passes here and now, you know you’ll want to get aboard the Deep Blues Festival train.