Chicken Snake

Chicken Snake

Chicken Snake is weaving it’s way up the mighty Mississippi from New Orleans to Clarksdale for Deep Blues Festival 2016!  This fearsome foursome was founded in 2009 by Jerry Teel (Honeymoon Killers, Boss Hog, Chrome Cranks, Little Porkchop, Knoxville Girls,  Jerry Teel and the Big City Stompers) and his wife (photographer, songwriter), Pauline Teel (Big City Stompers).

Having been forced from their home by the furies of Hurricane Katrina in 2007, they landed in New York City.  Their years in the city were abuzz with creativity, producing two records (LUCKY HAND and TROUBLE ON MY DOORSTEP) featuring Josh Lee Hooker (Headless Hookers, Luxurious Faux Furs), Jack Martin, Nicholas Ray, and Danny Hole.  They inched closer to their Louisiana roots by moving to the mountains of Virginia for some should searching, snake handling, moonshine and the beginnings of their third record, UNHOLY ROLLERS.

Back in New Orleans as of 2013, Chicken Snake is now a steady lineup of Jerry and Pauline Teel, Josh Lee Hooker and Jessica Melain.  They have just finished their fourth record, TOMBSTONE N BONES, which was recorded at The Chicken Coop in NOLA.  It tells the story of life, death, heartbreak, swamp mud, true love and the Devil bidding for you soul.

How perfectly suited to join the roster of Deep Blues Festival 2016 in Clarksdale, Mississippi, right here at the very crossroads where one could chance such a bargaining encounter.  We look forward to seeing Chicken Snake at the New Roxy on Saturday, October 15th!

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